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Memorial Fund

Front Range Hospice Memorial Fund

State of Colorado ID#20071087730

100% of all donations go to pay for things not covered by the Medicare hospice benefit.


Flying a family member here to say their final goodbyes

Filling up a propane tank so their house will be warm for the winter

Buying clothes for nursing home residents that have been abandoned by their families

Purchasing a headstone for an individual who died with only the hospice and nursing home staff as his “family”

Buying Pocket Talkers so people can hear the sound of their grandchildren’s laughter

Purchasing calling cards so patients can call their children who live out of state and not feel so isolated

These are just several examples of the many things that the donations to this fund help us to do which ease the journey of patients and families.

There are no costs associated with administrating the fund as all administrative functions are either donated or paid for privately.

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